Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A New Game Coming to My Closet this October:

I wanted to share the newest game I backed on Kickstarter this month.  I am really looking forward to adding this game to my closet and creating short films based on these characters.  CONAN was the most successful Kickstarter for a board game yet.  This will be the 4th game I backed on Kickstarter. So far I've received "Wrath of Kings" & "Zombicide Season 3".  I am currently awaiting shipping for "Aliens vs. Predator" and now "CONAN"

From the publisher:
Conan is a miniature-based board game that pits one player, the overlord, who controls hordes of savage tribesmen, no-good lowlifes and undead minions against 1 to 4 players who incarnate the legendary Conan and his fellow adventurers. The gameplay is asymetric, as the overlord possesses a large selection of models and objectives which are his own, whereas the brave heroes are played from a first person perspective, much like in a role playing game. An adventure can be played out in 1 hour on one of the beautiful game boards as you pit your wits, daring and tactical acumen against your opponent.

The King level pledge is a deluxe box that will only be available during the kickstartercampaign. The additional exclusive models included come with 4 scenarios to play with them. We will also include ALL the stretch goals that are unlocked during the campaign.
Click on the image to download it in full size