Thursday, July 30, 2015

Long Overdue Project.......

I recieved these Warhammer 40k Black Templars from ebay, about a year ago. I've been meaning to paint them and add them to my mini collection. I don't play Warhammer, however I thought these models were really cool. I really wanted a chance to paint the white cloth these guys wear. 

Tonight I finally finished painting these guys. I plan on using them in an upcoming ADP film. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 24, 2015

HeroQuest the Series! Season I - Episode 4: Prince Magnus' Gold

HeroQuest the Series! Season I - Episode 4: Prince Magnus' Gold; follows the heroes on a search and recover mission.  They are looking for Prince Magnus' gold.  The Gold was stolen by a band of Orcs lead by a Chaos Warrior named Gulthor.  This episode show cases a surprise cameo.

The Newest HeroQuest the Series Cast Member.........

I would like to introduce Gulthor, the newest member to the HeroQuest the Series cast.  He is a powerful Chaos Warrior who will lead a strong band of Orcs in a raid for the emperor's gold. Episode 4 of the series will be posted in the next few minutes.

Friday, July 3, 2015

HeroQuest Summer Vacation...........

Our HeroQuest heroes have been working hard, bringing you some fun and exciting episodes throughout the series so far.  These guys needed a little vacation to unwind and relax before they continue battling Zargon.

The heroes took a trip to southern California to relax on the beach, tour the San Diego Zoo and Legoland.  They especially enjoyed Legoland and seeing some famous mini figures and classic battle reenactments.  They are now back home and getting ready to work on the next episode in the HeroQuest series.

They stayed at the Legoland California resort.  There was an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, so you-know-who was very excited.

Spending time at the beach was relaxing, except for the occasional coastal creature they had to battle for the right to relax.

I personally feel they over-tanned on the beach this summer.

The San Diego Zoo was huge, but they were able to get a photo with their favorite animal.

After each long day, enjoying the sites, they had to battle a new creature that emerged from the hotel room safe.  They didn't seem to mind these small fights because they helped the heroes remain in battle shape.  After these nightly battles, the boys hung their do not disturb sign and went to bed.

Their favorite part of the trip was visiting the Legoland theme park.

They received a private tour of the Lego Movie Set.

They wished I had a mini workstation half as nice as this one.

After the tour they enjoyed lunch in Fun Town.

After lunch they took center stage in Heartlake City.

After the show, they headed over to Miniland and saw some fantastic skylines and reenacted battle scenes from their favorite movie series, Star Wars!

"HeroQuest Takes Manhattan!"

Star Wars Attack on the Hoth Rebel Base

 Endor Moon Base

The Death Star

The Millennium Falcon on Tatooine

After a long vacation, these travelers packed their beach towels and tucked themselves back into their shipping container to head back home.