Monday, October 5, 2015

HeroQuest the Series! The Newest Cast Member........

Good Evening!  I would like to introduce the newest cast member to the show.  This is Ulag's eldest son Grak.  He will be starring in Episode 6.  Let's see how the voting turns out.  I am curious to see which brother will team up with Grak in Episode 6.  Visit here to vote: 

HeroQuest the Series - Ulag's Six Kids

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Ulag, the Orc Warlord not only pillaged and tormented HeroQuest, he was a family man.  He had 6 sons. 

His eldest was Grak who will seek revenge for his father's death in Episode 6.

Grak needs help from one of his brothers in order to defeat the Heroes.  Please use the comment section below to cast your vote for which brother will help Grak.  Stay tuned for Episode 6.

Brother 1

Brother 2

Brother 3

Brother 4

Brother 5