Thursday, January 8, 2015

3rd game added to my closet

Zombies!! Collection- added to the closet 2005-2013

After finishing High School, going to college and making an attempt to open a video game shop, my interest in Wargaming was rekindled. My fiance made me a valentine's cake with tiny plastic zombies creeping along the top of it. I knew they belonged to some kind of table top strategy game. Browsing through the mall one day I stumbled upon a game store. Inside I found a bag of these plastic zombies and next to the bag a game that would consume my interests. ZOMBIES!!!!!!
The game introduced me to the tile based board game system which for me was a ground breaking revelation. I know, I was out of touch for some time. This concept made so much sense. I went on a shopping spree and purchased the Zombies additions as they were released. This is such a simple and great game. The game play is fun and the mechanics are simple.
Finding this game brought me full circle back to my passion of strategy games. From here I went nuts.

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