Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kickstarter & WarGaming are a perfect marriage!

Over the past year and a half I have found Kickstarter to be a great place to acquire new games; thanks to my good friend Ryan.  I often joke with him on how I may need to cut him out of my life because he has cost me a lot of money since introducing me to Kickstarter.  In fact, he couldn't resist sending me the link to my most recent purchase, CONAN.  

One thing I really enjoy about purchasing games through Kickstarter is how you tend to forget about them over time while they are being manufactured.  Then out of nowhere there is a box on your doorstep and it's a new game.

The best thing about Kickstarter is the sure value you receive and the amount of models and add-ons you can get.  I always try to make sure I order as many of the Kickstarter exclusive items I can afford per game since they can't be added to the game afterwards.

The worst thing about Kickstarter is the fact that I have had to remodel each of my closets to accommodate these new games.

Here is a list of the projects I've backed on Kickstarter and once I receive each shipment I will add them to my gaming closet:

Wrath of Kings by Cool Mini or Not:

Aliens vs. Predator:

Zombicide Season 3:


I also sponsored a project that includes random models.  I plan on using these models in the games I create and write.  I am currently writing two games and I am creating a combat game mechanic system that will work for both of them.  Here is the Kickstarter I plan on using for those games:


As you can see I have a lot of assembly and painting to do.  This will consume many hours of my life, if I can find the time.  All of these miniatures will make for a great movie someday.  Stay tuned!

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