Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wrath of Kings Unboxing/Assembly Update...........

I am about to start filming the second half of my animated Wrath of Kings unboxing.  I finished assembling all 220+ Wrath of Kings models.  I have to say, these are some high quality models!  The sculpting work is fantastic and many of the models are quite large.  These will be a pleasure to paint and base.  Their sculpting quality will allow for a highly detailed paint job.  Painting the details will be a breeze.  

This unboxing video is turning into one of my favorites.  I will be introducing a new concept to my videos as well as maintaining some traditional ADP style.  This project has been a huge undertaking but I am glad I've made it this far.  

The House of Goritsi is my favorite group of models.  It was hard to choose a favorite among all of these fantastic models, but the Werewolf sculpts are brilliant.  They are also 2-3 times the size of the basic infantry models in this game.  I am really pleased with this game so far.  Now let's see if I can find the time to actually play the game. 

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