Saturday, March 28, 2015

And Yet Another Kickstarter Product.....................

I pledged a new Kickstarter two nights ago!  I already have plans to use these materials in upcoming movies.  It should work really well with HeroQuest and other models.  I might even be able to re-enact the temple theme from the movie AVP once I get the AVP game from Prodos.
Take a look at this kickstarter:

   Introducing phase 1 of Dungeonmancer a new truly revolutionary modular game board building system, made of durable highly detailed and precise interlocking resin cast parts, mechanically designed to increase functionality and empower you with the creative freedom to build custom game boards for whatever game you choose to play and how you choose to play it. The Dungeonmancer system gives you an unprecedented level of modularity and control, you can easily construct a one-off  (one-off : refers to a one time hand built custom terrain piece much like a diorama) quality game board without the disadvantages of actually having to build or use a one-off. 
Dungeonmancer Core System
Dungeonmancer Core System
Part Dimensions
Part Dimensions
Due to the temporary bonding mechanics, Dungeonmancer can be easily assembled, disassembled and reassembled over and over in various combinations. Construction is easy and simple to understand, similar to that of children's building blocks. This mechanic also lets you break down larger builds for storage or transport in whatever way best suits your play style. Board sections can be assembled and staged pregame so no in-game time is wasted for board construction. Because the parts interlock, when a new section or part is added the entire structure will function as a single object with no shifting or moving of individual pieces during normal game play. In fact, depending on the overall size of the build, the entire structure can be rotated or moved on the table to gain access to hard to see or reach board areas making multi-level game boards a more practical option. Multi-level buildings also maximize our tabletop real estate so we can have larger builds with a much smaller footprint giving us more room for gaming materials.
      Dungeonmancer is a cross game platform terrain system, this means, for example, you could build a dungeon for an RPG one night and a fortress for a war game the next, all from the same parts just assembled in a different order. This system eliminates your need to own multiple types and sets of terrain for all of the different games you play. Add to this the power of compound combinations and you get increased longevity, endless possibilities and a far better return on your investment than other terrain systems. 
My floor tiles are 1-1/4" not 1". A 1" tile was adequate in the past, however, todays miniatures have more dramatic poses and most custom bases are larger than 1" so switching to a larger tile just makes sense. Another difference is in my casting and mold making process, other systems parts are cast from molds made from a single master part and so each casting is an exact clone of the original so, for example, you have 30 wall sections and each wall has the exact same stone that has miraculously cracked or chipped exactly the same as the stone on each other piece. So you end up with a mechanical and patterned look this results in an unnatural feel. Dungeonmancer's parts have multiple masters each with its own unique finger print of cracks and distress markings. This gives a natural and organic feel to your creations.
This does not mean every part is unique but it significantly minimizes the chance of patterns occurring. This means more work and time on my end, however, I believe it is this kind of attention to detail that sets Dungeonmancer above the rest. With your pledge and support Dungeonmancer will forge a better tabletop gaming experience for us all.
Product durability was at the top of my list of challenges when I began designing Dungeonmancer, I have tested each and every part to ensure that it is going to perform as advertised and beyond. After all what good is it to anyone to have a great looking system if it does not work, or worse, breaks after falling off the table. The following videos should address any concerns you may have.

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