Thursday, April 2, 2015

Next project

I've started production on my next film project.  This project is going to be an ongoing series with numerous episodes based on the HeroQuest gaming environment.  The HeroQuest series will start out with a series introduction/trailer and from that you will understand what to expect throughout this project.  Once the introduction is posted you can expect a new episode every few weeks.  My goal is to post an episode every other Friday.  However, my style of filmmaking can be very time consuming and overwhelming so there may be a few delays here and there.  I am hoping this series is entertaining to a wide audience and hopefully, HeroQuest will gain some additional fans.  

I am currently finishing the bases of my 4 HeroQuest heroes, as well as painting a few new models I am adding to this series.  As the series progresses I will be painting/repainting the original models and you will see the visuals change (hopefully for the better) over time.  Most of these models were painted in 1992 when I first started with this hobby, so bear with me.  The main feature of the series will be my customized gaming board.  If you haven't yet read that blog post, please take a look: Custom HeroQuest Board

Please take a minute and subscribe to my YouTube channel (ADP's Gaming Closet)  and this Blog in order to be notified when each episode is posted. I am anticipating this series to contain over 30 episodes, so this may end up being a 2-year project.  I do plan on doing additional projects along with this series so lookout for additional unboxing, assembly and gaming videos.  The HeroQuest series has been an idea I've had for a long time now and seeing others enjoy my recent film work has encouraged me to turn this idea a reality. Thank you and stay tuned!    

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