Monday, April 27, 2015

4th Game Added to My Closet

apologize for the delay in writing a post about the 4th game that was added to my closet.

I would like to present Leading Edge's Aliens and the models that I've collected in relation to this game. 

After I started collecting the different expansions for the game Zombies!!, I found the minis for the Aliens game on eBay. I started to think about how I could combine these games together and make a really epic gaming environment. I wrote rules for the game called it Aliens Vs Predator vs Zombies!!!

The Aliens game came with fantastic metal miniatures. 

The complete marine unit with Ripley and Newt.

I have a second set of marines that I want to paint desert fatigues. 

Colony members who were snatched and 'cocoonified' by the aliens. There are three desert fatigue marines in this container as well.

Different alien poses, face huggers and eggs. 

Power loader and the Queen alien. 

Of course I needed Predators to kill everything from humans to aliens to zombies. I found these random models online and gave them a quick paint job. 

All of these models and this game were hard to track down.  These are my second favorite gaming pieces that I own.  HeroQuest will always be ranked number 1 in my gaming closet.   I've only been able to play Aliens vs Predator vs ZOMBIES once. My wife says it's too complicated for her. Oh well.  Maybe when my kids are older I can con them into trying it out.   

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