Saturday, April 4, 2015

HeroQuest the the cast!

My first night of filming the HeroQuest series is complete. The good news is my ideas seem to be possible. This will be a fun series to produce. I would like to introduce the cast of characters.

The host and narrator of the show 'Thildrelel'.

First up, our four heroes:

Drel the Discreet is an elf with magical powers. He is deadly with his short sword and cunning when evading monsters.

Orzan the Enchanter is the last of the good wizards. He is the rightful heir to the relic Staff of Dimensions that Zargon is trying to intercept.

Aa'ri the Smasher is a dwarf capable of crushing his enemies and disarming all traps. He also enjoys to eat, A-LOT!

Rartak the Wanderer is the strongest barbarian in the land. He is capable of conquering numerous monsters with a single blow.

And last but not least, Zargon, the dark sorcerer.  I do apologize! He's a little preoccupied with his Spirit Magic.

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