Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Update: Filmmaking Projects!

Good afternoon.  I want to share the status of my current projects and the timelines involved with releasing my newest films.  

1.  Heroquest Episode 2:  The newest cast member has been painted and introduced to the audience.

The entire quest has been played out and filmed.  The script has been written.  All that is left to complete is editing and sound mixing.  After those items are finalized, this film will be released.

2. Zombicide Angry Neighbors:  I received my shipment from Cool Mini or Not which fullfills my Kickstarter pledge for Zombicide Season 3.  This shipment included many bonus items along with the main expansion pack.  This film will be more involved when compared to my first Zombicide season 3 unboxing film.

I am currently halfway through the filming process for this unboxing.  I still need to film all of the bonus items and character cards (which there are many).  After that I will edit and add music.  I am looking forward to seeing the conclusion of this Kickstarter unboxing.  

This is my first attempt at working on multiple film projects at once.  I am hoping to iron out the workflow and management of multiple projects so I will be able to post new movies more often.  I hope everyone is enjoying my work.  I've been having a good time combining my two favorite hobbies.  


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